What is happening to our kids??



Autism is a serious behavioral disorder among young children that has skyrocketed over tha last few years. According to records, in some developed countries it has increased 1000% in the last 20 years.

Each autistic child costs taxpayers about $2 million per child as lifetime care costs are easily five times higher. Not to mention the extreme burden of care on the parents of an autistic child.

Spectrum disorders like ADHD are also increasing at a phenomenol rate and I worry as to how this is going to affect society as a whole later on.  Are these kids going to function in the workplace effectively? Are they going to have stable relationships and family life? It is definitely NOT these kids faults that they cannot focus, behave or learn like everyone else.

The medical answer is Ritalin and other such drugs. Long term side effects are not so great with these medications and include depression, memory loss and a brain that has learned to adapt around the drug making it very hard to get off the drug later on.

Spectrum disorders can be regarded as a type of social anxiety disorder. Put simply there is too much chaos internally in the brain and nervous system.

Internal brain chaos is always biochemical in nature which usually means nutrient deficiencies and heavy metal/ chemical toxicity. Genetics play a huge part so even if the child has a good diet and has not been exposed to pollutants, the child can still be toxic as their biochemical detoxification pathways may be hugely compromised.

 Behavioural disorders also involve leaky gut to some degree which which may involve the presence of infection and will likely cause food sensitivities if not addressed

Effective treatment for kids on the spectrum is multi-faceted and  involves uncovering underlying nutrient deficiencies, addressing gut issues, methylation issues (genetic trait), oxidative stress issues and increasing the child’s ability to detoxify effectively.