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Gold Coast Naturopath with over 20 years
of clinical experience

  • A Highly Recommended Naturopath For The Treatment of:-

– Medically diagnosed IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
– Parasitic, fungal and bacterial issues
– Small intestsinal bacterial overgrowth
– Food intolerances
– Reflux and malabsorption issues

  • Affordable Naturopathic Treatment Based Upon Clinical Results

Welcome to Natasha Martin’s Gold Coast digestive health practice:-a functional
medicine and wellness clinic on the Gold Coast utilising the latest advances in
microbiome testing to help with the diagnosis, quality care and treatment of
digestive disorders.

About Natasha Martin – 

  • Experienced Holistic Medicine Practitioner On The Gold Coast

Natasha-Martin-Naturopathic-PhysicianNatasha Martin has been a Naturopathic Physician on the Gold Coast for the last twenty years, choosing to specialize in digestive health after achieving phenomenal results in this area with many of her patients.

“It is my passion to get to the root of what is causing a patient’s problems and teach the patient how to look after their body to achieve long term health. Digestive dysfunction is a major contributing factor in most disease processes so correcting digestive problems is vital to achieve sustainable wellness.”

Natasha, a seasoned naturopath on Gold Coast with over 20 years experience, has
forged a distinguished career in the health industry. Her journey began with roles in
pharmacy and prominent naturopathic dispensaries across Australia. Natasha then

went on to join the team at Alive Clinics, an exclusive anti-aging clinic on the Gold
Coast where she provided hormonal and nutritional support to women suffering from
hormonal imbalances .

Natasha further expanded her knowledge during her time at Gwinganna, a renowned health retreat, specializing in live blood analysis.
Continuing her professional growth, Natasha then spent five years at an integrative medical clinic, gaining extensive experience in a wide range of common health conditions seen in general practice. For the last 7 years, Natasha operates a private
practice in Ashmore, with a primary focus on digestive health which has become her main passion.

In her practice, Natasha utilizes state-of-the-art naturopathic technology and conducts functional pathology testing when necessary. This approach ensures that patients receive accurate assessments and tailored treatment plans. Natasha’s career path underscores her dedication to delivering high-quality care and evidence-based solutions to her patients.

Qualifications Include

  1. Bachelor of Business degree
  2. Dip App Science Naturopathy, Dip App Science Herbal Medicine, Dip Applied Science Nutrition, Dip Applied Science Homeopathy
  3. Live Blood Analyst
  4. Biofeedback practitioner
  5. Cellular Health Analysis practitioner

“A dysbiotic (unbalanced) gut can be extremely hard to rebalance and requires professional intervention. I have resolved many extremely stubborn cases which haven’t responded to other therapies using the novel combination of medical, naturopathic and specifically tailored homeopathic interventions.”

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