Read about our digestive wellness services:

Digestive Health Consultations

Initial consultation- $175.00

Pensioners and children under 18 years- $145.00
Follow up consultations are time based as follows: –
20 minutes -$50.00
30 minutes- $80.00
45 minutes- $110.00
60 minutes -$125.00
*The above does not include any laboratory testing that may be deemed necessary.

In Clinic Testing

Microscopic screening
A drop of blood from the patient is observed under a high-powered microscope that is connected
to a screen so the patient can see their blood in real time. Red Blood Cells, White bloods cells
and various nutritional parameters may be observed.
Zyto Body Scan
Used as a tool to aid in the decision-making process, the Zyto scan connects to various
acupuncture points on the patient’s palm and measures their electrical response to certain
impulses. This generates a report which shows most stressed organs and supplemental needs.
This is done whilst taking the case history of the client so no time is lost on testing.