“I had been suffering from digestive issues and chronic constipation for almost 5 years before I saw Natasha through a recommendation.

Within the first month on the treatment program I noticed small but  positive changes to my digestive health. I have been seeing Natasha for the last 8 months and there has been significant improvements to my energy and sense of well being during this time.  I no longer suffer from chronic constipation  and my other digestive symptioms have significanlty improved. Prior to seeing Natasha, I had seen numerous specialists and doctors but no one had been able to help me like Natasha did. Her methods are rather unconventional  at times but THEY WORK!”

“I have suffered from boils and infection (HS) for more than 20 years with no relief from prescribed pharmaceuticals and where my ‘condition’ had turned into a chronic illness affecting work, sleep and life in general.

After a series of visits with Natasha over 18 months we have turned a 25 yr old chronic illness into a manageable discomfort.

With each treatment I am getting better and now look forward to a complete recovery. I am very happy with the results.”

“Natasha Martin is a naturopath who has a very comprehensive understanding of digestive health.

Having been to a number of people over many years, I was surprised at her in-depth knowledge of my problems and her positivity and enthusiasm to tackle them.

Natasha is particularly skilled in the use of homeopathic remedies, something that is not easy to find when it comes to such health issues.

In addition to her skills she also has a lovely, warm and caring manner that is both professional and reassuring.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Natasha keeps in touch with my reactions and responses to her treatment and is available to me at any time,  if I have any concerns.

I highly recommend her.”

“After being diagnosed with an overgrowth of two pathogenic bacteria in my gut, my doctor prescribed several courses of antibiotics designed to kill the bacteria. The infection didn’t clear and eventually the bacteria become resistant to the antibiotics. At this stage, the doctors and specialists told me there was nothing more they could do for me.

I was very ill when recommended to Natasha but after treatment have now got my life back and I am very grateful to her for her care.”

“I was recommended to see Natasha by a friend of mine for hormones and general health. After more than 5 years of not feeling quite right, Natasha performed a body scan on me and started me on a course of homeopathics and supplements. I started to feel better but still suffered from lowered energy and aching joints. Under Natasha’s guidance, I decided to get my DNA analysed to see what else I could do to improve my remaining symptoms. I now feel like I understand what my body requires to maintain good health and feel the best I have for years.”

“I went to Natasha suffering   from digestive problems and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms after I had been cut by a fish fin whilst at work. Over a period of 12 months, Natasha used a combination of supplements and homeopathics to clear out the harmful organisms in my gut that were creating havoc in my system. Most of the rheumatoid symptoms are now gone and my digestion is continuing to improve as is my energy. I was reacting to most foods at one stage but have been able to introduce more foods into my diet and am looking forward to being able to enjoy a wider variety of foods in the future.”

“My five year old daughter had suffered from chronic candida since she was 2 years old.  We had tried everything, including a strict candida diet but nothing had worked and given her age we had limited  treatment  options .  Over the course of a few months, Natasha gave her a number of different homeopathics and for the first time ever we have seen huge improvements in her symptoms including better sleeping patterns. Our whole family has seen Natasha for various things and we have all been happy with her services.”

“I have seen Natasha many times for various health problems that occur as a result of  lowered adrenal function including digestive and respiratory complaints. As a registered nurse working in the health industry, I prefer to treat myself as naturally as I can in order to optimise my health. My health has improved a lot but I know I need to continue supporting my adrenals to achieve long term wellness. I am thankful to Natasha for working with me in  a professional and caring manner.”

“As a colonic therapist, I see a lot of patients with persistent digestive issues. I often  recommend my patients to see Natasha as she consistently achieves good results with her treatment protocols.”

Rosemary Greer, Colonic therapist, Oasis Colon Hydrotherapy

“I had been experiencing recurrent UTIs which were impacting upon my sleep and my energy levels. After 6 weeks and  two failed courses of antibiotics, I saw Natasha and felt much better after 10 days  on her treatment protocol. She consistently provides good advice on many other aspects of my health  so I have no hesitation   in recommending her to other people.”