Ok. I am guilty at reading an American statistic but let’s face it, that is a large number of antibiotic- related emergencies. Also, how about those that may slip past and go unreported?

The Centre of Disease Control (CDC) in America is notoriously inefficient on studying and  reporting  antibiotic and drug-related side effects (including vaccine side effects) so chances are this figure has been underestimated.

No one denies that taking antibiotics can be absolutely life saving in certain situations but there is no doubt that this wonderful medicine is completely overused and abused. Children’s ear infections and upper respiratory infections which are usually viral are still medicated with antibiotics that will do absolutely nothing to combat a viral infection.

It takes close to two years to regain a normal bacterial balance in your gut after antibiotic use and even then, some antibiotics will permanently kill off some beneficial bacteria strains that assist your natural immune defences.. Considering your gut governs 80% of your immune system, why take antibiotics if you can get better through alternative therapies?

Next time you are sick, why not try some immune boosting herbs, use copious amounts of vitamin C orally -(you can absorb 20 plus times  more vitamin C when you are sick)! or even better, get some intravenous Vit C  to give your immune system a real boost. Get on top of your sickness fast- the faster the better as this will shorten the duration of the sickness and get you back on your feet sooner. Don’t wait till you feel like death warmed up before you do something about it.

As posted previously, it is good to get sick sometimes. This is one way our body can do it’s housekeeping.  How you manage your sickness however will make all the difference  ie/ whether your immune system stays strong or whether it is significantly weakened. Be judicious in how you treat your body and save the stronger alternatives such as antibiotics for when you really need them.