COPPER – THE TWO FACED MINERAL. A common imbalance which affects many.

Most people who use natural supplements know that zinc is an important mineral. Zinc is an essential mineral involved in most of the major biochemical pathways in the body including detoxification, hormone and neurotransmitter balance.

If zinc were a person she/he would be cool, calm, organised, protective and nurturing.

If zinc had a sister, it would be copper. Copper and zinc as minerals are antagonistic but need to maintain a good working balance with each other as well. If copper goes up, zinc will tend to go down and vice-versa.

If a person had too much copper they may be anxious, depressed, moody, hot- headed and find it hard to relax. A copper person is likely to be liverish with a decreasing ability to lose weight and detoxify well, especially as they progress in age. Menstrual problems, food intolerances, bloating, headaches, fungal infections (example is stubborn candida overgrowth), are just a few common issues that tend to correspond with too much copper.

Why is copper becoming a problem these days? We are exposed to many conditions over a lifetime that predispose us to copper issues. The soils just aren’t high in mineral content anymore- especially with zinc or selenium and there are a lot of chemicals such as those in plastics and pesticides that tend to build up in our bodies and favour a higher copper balance.

Unfortunately, our environment is not geared to support us anymore. Being proactive in your health is never more important than it is today.