The Top 3 Essential Nutrients For Digestive Health

If your gut is unhealthy, the rest of your body will suffer as well. It is hard to enjoy robust good health when you are suffering from digestive problems. If you are not able to properly digest your food and absorb the nutrients that it contains, you are going to find it very difficult to be healthy.

To make sure that you have a happy and healthy digestive system, you need to give it the proper nutrients. You can’t just eat anything you want and assume that your diet contains the right vitamins, minerals, and other substances. Take the time to learn about the 3 essential nutrients for digestive health so that you can optimize your diet.

Glutamine is one of the most important amino acids in the body and is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system. All of your cells require this substance to be active, and it is particularly important in your gut. The cells in your intestines rely upon glutamine for the energy that they need to digest your food, and it also plays an important structural role in your digestive system.

Glutamine helps make sure that the food moves properly through your gut. Gut motility is important if you want to avoid many digestive problems. High levels of glutamine are associated with greater motility in your intestines.

Blood flow is also improved by taking glutamine. Patients who suffer from colitis often see an improvement in their symptoms after taking glutamine, since it helps to improve blood flow to the inflamed region of the colon.

The combination of zinc and L-carnosine is another important nutrient to include in your diet if you are concerned about digestive health. L-caronosine is a form of protein that is found in your nerve cells and muscle cells. By combining it with zinc, you can help to reduce inflammation in the cells of your gut.

This combination was first discovered by Japanese researchers, but its use has spread around the world. Taking zinc and L-carnosine together can dramatically improve your digestive health. It has even been shown to help patients who are suffering from ulcers caused by bacteria.

Finally, the third essential nutrient for good digestion involves the use of probiotics. Your digestive system is home to literally billions of bacteria. Without them, you cannot properly digest your food. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that you need to have if you want to properly digest your food.

Your intestinal flora and fauna can become disrupted by many things, such as illness or the use of antibiotics. By taking probiotics, you can restore the natural balance to your intestines. Doing so can help you find the relief you seek from a wide range of digestive ailments.

Good health starts with good digestion. Keeping your gut healthy is important if you want to avoid many common health problems. Make sure that you include these three vital nutrients in your daily routine so that you can keep your digestive system working smoothly.