Common Causes of Stomach Bloating

Most people who suffer from stomach bloating and flatulence understand very little about the condition. Patients suffering from bloating complain of “hard stomachs” and increased belching. The reason for this is because there is too much gas production, from fermentation processes, inside the stomach. Some of the common known factors that cause flatulence and bloating conditions are discussed below. These include;

1. Poorly or undigested carbohydrates: Consuming too much of carbohydrate rich foods with little to no fiber is the number one cause of stomach bloating and flatulence. Some carbohydrates are hard to digest, and will under most circumstances ferment causing too much gas in the stomach thus lead to flatulence. The most common culprits for these are fast foods, fries, factory manufactured foods and pasta.

2. Constipation: Constipation happens when there is little to no food movements in the digestive tract. This mainly happens when one consumes too much food without fiber content in it. This condition however clears out eventually after a few hours. The only way to prevent this is by eating slowly, and ensuring the food has some fiber in it.

3. Taking fizzy or carbonated drinks: Carbonated drinks contain gases and preservatives dissolved in in them, and these gasses are releases once in the stomach. Just a single bottle of a fizzy drink is enough to induce stomach bloating. This condition is mostly characterized by belching.

4. Stress and anxiety: On a diet unrelated matter, stress and anxiety is also believed to cause stomach bloating. Anxiety induces the stomach to produce more gastric juices than required, and this causes bloating. Too much stress may also induce similar conditions, and the only way to prevent this is containing the anxiety/stress factors.

5. Gastrointestinal infections: Infections caused by too much bacteria in the digestive tract can also cause stomach bloating. Colon and small intestine infections can also cause severe bloating which needs medical attention. Probiotic yoghurt may however give a fast relieve especially if far from medical care.

Most of the causative factors discussed above are induced by improper dieting and eating hygiene’s. It is due to this reason why you are advised to make sure the foods you eat are well balanced and contain fiber in them. Bloating caused by gastrointestinal infections however require specialized medical attention. If you suffer bloating frequently, you are then advised to refrain from processed or factory manufactured foods, increase fiber intake and also reduce intake of alcohol and other carbonated drinks.