I saw something frightening on channel nine a couple of weeks ago. It was a story about the value of using copper in skincare products ie/ copper to help improve the quality of skin. My reaction- Oh my god!

It is true that copper helps to a small extent in connective tissue repair but we are seeing a large percentage of women who are becoming COPPER TOXIC. Adding copper to skincare creams would greatly increase this growing problem.
Copper toxic means you have too much copper in your body which is strongly associated with problems like yeast infections, migraine headaches, adult acne, various menstrual symptoms (fibroids, endometriosis etc) and depression.

High copper generally means low zinc. ZINC IS REQUIRED FOR GOOD SKIN! Additionally, low zinc will lead to a host of other problems such as increased anxiety which in itself will give you more wrinkles and negates any cosmetic benefit that copper may have in the first place!

I cannot understand how the cosmetics industry hasn’t researched this more and it greatly disturbs me that this will be viewed as a good beauty product to use by women who believe the marketing hype.

Yours in health,

Natasha Martin, ND