Dangerous Cookware

Non-stick pots and pans are in everyone’s kitchens including mine. They are a modern convenience which are easier ro clean and generally require less fat to cook your food in.

Did you know that perfluoroalkyl substances (PFA’s) that are used to create these surfaces are extremely toxic and remain trapped in the body for a long time once ingested?

In studies on heated non- stick pans, it took only 2- 5 minutes of heating to liberate the dangerous toxins within the PFA’s. Fifteen types of gases and particles including 2 carcinogens were isolatedand these are currently linked to a range of health problems including thyroid disease, infertility and organ damage in lab animals.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also stated that PFA’s are “likely carcinogens.”

Other products that PFA’s are used to create heat-resistant and non-stick coatings on include:

  • Water-repellant carpet and furniture treatments
  • Water and stain-repellant clothing
  • Protective sprays for leather/ shoes
  • Food wraps, pizza boxes, and microwave popcorn bags and takeaway cups
  • Paints and cleaning products

What to cook in? Try ceramic and cast iron cookware which are both durable, easy to clean and completely inert (which means they won’t release any harmful chemicals into your home!)

Avoid aluminium and copper cookware completely and try not to cook in stainless steel too often as this contains an alloy of different metals  as well although not nearly as toxic as those above.

Time to clean out those kitchen cupboards!

Yours in health,

Natasha Martin, ND