Digestive health consultationsInitial Consultation

Initial one hour consultation  – $125 (Private health rebates apply)

The initial consultation involves:

  • Detailed analysis of the patients current health status and past history
  • Assessment of results from previous bloods and other functional pathology testing
  • In clinic testing performed as required
  • Treatment plan including supplement and dietary regime may be outlined.

* Copies of  your previous pathology results can be organised prior to the appointment if requested.

Further testing may be required  at this stage depending what has been done previously.

Integrative Consultation

For patients who feel they have not received appropriate medical testing and diagnosis from their current general practitioner or specialist, it is recommended that you book an integrative consultation . This involves an initial consultation with Natasha plus a fifteen minute consultation with Dr Jane Chapman, Integrative GP, with Natasha present. Too often patients have not been tested correctly which hinders treatment progress. Dr Chapman looks beyond the normal medical parameters to give a clearer picture of what is happening in the body. Natasha and Dr Chapman will discuss the best way to proceed with the given information.

Follow Up

Follow up appointments are usually half hour or 45 minutes in duration depending upon what is being assessed.

1/2 hour – $80
45 minutes – $100